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Head Office/Shipping Warehouse:

CAERANclean 1989
(Simtech warehouse)
501-A Franklin Blvd, Door 1
Cambridge, ON N1R 8G9

Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:00 (by appointment only)


You can reach us at
1-800-563-2974 toll free for orders and inquiries or
Fax us at 519-747-0951

email us at info@CAERAN.com


Mission Statement… 

We are a Caring And Environmentally Responsible And Nurturing organization. (C.A.E.R.A.N.)

We contribute to the health of our community and the world through the manufacture and distribution of:
* nature-friendly cleaning supplies for every household 
* healthy personal care products for every body

2019: CAERAN turns 30 years old! And our team grows…

Our Story...

For 30 years CAERAN products have helped Canadian families keep clean and safer with healthier choices in laundry products, household cleaners and personal care items like hand soap, shampoo and moisturizers.

CAERAN was started in 1989 by a mom who had a son with severe skin allergies. It’s always been owned and operated by a mom who not only takes that role to heart, but understands her influence for decades to come.

CAERAN is built on the idea that we all need complete information to make healthy and safe choices. Thirty years ago NO ONE was putting the full ingredient list on any bottle of household cleaner, but we knew that was exactly what was needed. We have always listed all ingredients in our products so you can be sure to make the best selection in products for your family and be able to avoid ingredients you don't want to have in your home.

It's about informed decisions, and we continue to make sure you have the products, choices and details you need to choose wisely.

We are proud of our history and appreciate our life-time loyal customers as well as our new CAERAN family members. And our team has grown!


Now operating as CAERANclean 1989...

We have a dedicated CAERAN-loving group, focused on positive customer experience, generating broader and easier access for our Canada-wide customers, and raising the level of exposure and education on many environmental and global issues.


Michele Piereder – Director of Marketing and Global Partnerships (marketing@caeran.com)


John McNabb – Director of Sales (sales@caeran.com)


Michele McNabb – Office and Accounts Manager (office@caeran.com)



Shop Locally. Think Globally.
CAERAN continues to extend our reach and connections to good causes in Canada and around the globe.

HOPE GROWS ON TREES: We have partnered with Trees For The Future (also celebrating their 30th year in operation in 2019) and have set a goal to plant 30,000 trees in Sub-Saharan Africa, creating family Forest Gardens. This incredibly powerful process brings self-reliance and hope to people living on deforested and decimated agricultural land that had historically provided everything they needed to thrive. The stories are incredibly impactful. Watch these videos to get a real understanding of how TREES help! Then join us in our 2019 campaign to plant 30,000 TREES.


2008: A Message from the President - Michele Piereder

If we each did the things we think about doing to care for ourselves, each other, and the environment, the world would truly be a better place to live. Being responsible, with each of us doing our own bit for the world and its issues, will have dramatic results globally, and in our own homes. Imagine replacing all of your personal care products and normal day to day cleaners, with a line of products which will do the same job, but safer for both you and the planet.

Natural, Environmentally-friendly, Animal Test-free, and Cost effective. Once you have tried our Natural Products you won’t go back to the chemical commercial equivalents. Our products are currently being used by thousands of Canadians from all walks of life.

Many of our products were developed from the direct needs of my own family. Caring for those we love is always a full-time job, regardless of what else we do. 'Family First' has always been an important focus for me. It has been the driving force in formulating and producing our full line of natural product options.

From its early beginnings in 1989, CAERAN has been woman owned and grown with family, environmental and health issues in mind. Since day one we have listed all ingredients on our bottles to allow you, our loyal customers, to make informed choices about what you bring into your home.

We are excited to be able to share the CAERAN name and reach more families who are looking for quality safe options.

Welcome to CAERAN.

Michele Piereder
- President


1989: FOUNDER’S MESSAGE - Sharon DeCloet

Over twenty-five years ago I was blissfully pregnant with my first child, unaware that this event would be the catalyst to a new business.

Christian was plagued with rashes and itchy skin.  We tried everything to combat this condition from changing his diet and searching for food allergies to traditional cortisone treatments by the medical profession.  At one point it was even alluded, to that perhaps his skin ailments were because he had a hysterical mother!

One day a friend suggested that perhaps it was the laundry soap I was using.  I started double rinsing his clothing and even though, it did not get rid of this problem, it alleviated his condition to the extent that, I knew, I was on to something!  With the arrival of Nicholas, my second son, who had allergies and asthma as well, I became a mother with a mission!

Today, CAERAN helps thousands of people with their skin conditions and allergies through the products we produce.  On top of that, there are thousands more, who use the products for only one reason – they love them!  People tell us that our stain remover gets out stains better than anything they have ever used. Many of our chemically sensitive customers say they wouldn't be washing their clothes if it weren't for CAERAN Laundry Liquid.

Glance through the products, and the website and you will see, not only the list of ingredients, but also a glossary to explain those same ingredients.

It’s all about informed choices.  For whatever reason – diet, allergies, religious beliefs, etc. – you should be able to look at a label and make an informed decision.

CAERAN's mandate is to pick only the top-grade ingredients, formulate them in a superior product, and provide you with a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not totally satisfied with our products we will happily refund your money.  It cannot get any safer than that!

All this is our sincere effort to serve you in the best way we know how.

- Sharon DeCloet